Hi, I'm Xara Black


about Me...

Life coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur. I assist women to let go of past pain and hurt, by helping them create a new story for themselves building healthy relationships, wealth and mindset.

Mother of two and London born, I began sharing my experiences with the world after escaping a psychologically abusive relationship. It was at that time of darkness that I discovered a light.

My experience did not happen by accident and I am certain that it is my life’s purpose to serve other women and help them on the journey to self love, confidence and motivation to succeed with their goals and dreams

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My focus.

Helping women to let go of their past and recreate their identity figuring out their life purpose breaking down limiting beliefs and taking action on the their goals and dreams. I do this by creating a community where women can benefit from coaching, networking, socialising and reshaping their mindet for success in relationships, business health and wealth. 


I offer both 1-1 and group coaching calls which you can access by joining the Lightwerk Academy Membership, purchasing a package or booking an appointment slot


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To become the person you want to be you have got to become the person you want to be. Purchasing physical products can help you to match that vibration of manifestation by using or wearing our products.
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Prioritising relaxation is a huge to to self love. Have new experiences, Socialise, meet new people and see the world.
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We will create a New Identity of the person you have always wanted to be

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If have the same attitude you will get the same results. Change your attitude toward opportunity and open yourself up to change
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Why choose me as your coach?

I know that you are ready to transform your life.

Going through a tough time will require you to grow. It can be a scary process. Having me alongside you will guide you through that transition 


Moving you from A-B we will bridge the gap between where you are now and your future ideal self. 


Chances are, I have been through everything you are struggling with now and know exactly what it takes to come out of that  


Having accountability will make all the difference for you as it can be difficult to complete tasks when they are not required to be seen by others.  I will help you stay on track with your goals and targets

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